Careers Advice

Careers New Zealand. This government run website gives you a wide range of careers information.  It gives job profiles on a wide range of jobs, outlining details about each job, including pay rates, employment prospects and entry requirements. It also has links to some job vacancies. This website has a range of useful tools, including CareerQuest, (a career quiz), CV writing tools, subject and skills matchers, to help you match your interests to particular careers.



Are you a hands on, practical person who wants to earn while you learn?:

If you are looking to get into a trade, want to figure out which trade would best suit you or just have a look at the possibilities, follow this link.  If you want anymore information on Trades careers, see Mrs Weston in the Careers Office .




Interested in a career with excitement and variety?  Enjoy being fit and working outside?  Maybe a career in the New Zealand Defence Force is for you.  Check out their careers website for more information.