Keystone Trust Study Award Scholarships for School Leavers

July 15, 2021

             AWARDS & SCHOLARSHIPS 2021

At Keystone Trust, we are here to help students entering a pathway into property and construction-related tertiary studies. We believe that irrespective of your background if you have a desire to follow your dream to become part of the property and construction industry we will help you get there.

What sets us apart from others in our industry is that the Keystone Scholarship includes a high degree of pastoral care. We will support you through your tertiary years and ensure that through our sponsor partner’s support, you will be exposed to the industry that you will become part of.

Keystone offers students a variety of opportunities to get to know the best companies and people in our industry. Our sponsor family support us because they share the common goal of believing in giving back to the industry we are part of. You will be exposed to networking opportunities, not only with our sponsor organisations but also with fellow keystone scholarship recipients and our alumni group.

A key part of the scholarship programme is the ability to connect with industry mentors. Through your tertiary years, you will be assigned a number of mentors who will be there to enhance your learning experience. This industry connectivity is what sets us apart from many other scholarship programmes, through your journey as a Keystone scholar you will meet and learn from some of the greatest names in our industry.

The study award includes a scholarship of $5000 pa for up to three years for tertiary study/textbooks and course/accommodation costs as well as the benefits mentioned above.

Scholarship Criteria

  • New Zealand citizens or permanently residing in New Zealand.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills and show a high level of academic ability, achieving a level at school that demonstrates they will succeed at tertiary level.
  • The intention to enrol at a tertiary institution in New Zealand to study a degree in property or construction-related fields such as architecture, construction, engineering, planning, property management, real estate, quantity surveying, or valuation.
  • Be able to demonstrate a significant level of financial and/or circumstantial hardship to meet the purposes of the award.
  • Key Sponsor Scholarship applicants must have also completed some years of tertiary study in the field of property.

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